Winter Vacation Notice
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Dear all:

Winter vacation starts from Jan. 14th, 2017 to Feb. 16th, 2017 (only for students from 2016 batch). All students should come back before Feb. 16th, 2017 and attend classes on time. Old students do not have winter vacation and should abide by the arrangement of your supervisors and the related department/college. During the vacation, there are some important things you must pay attention to:

. Law, rules and regulation

1. Please abide by Chinese laws and can not endanger the state security of China, harm public interests or disrupt public order. Anyone who violates the laws should be responsible for themselves.

2. All students must obey the rules and regulations of CQMU. Five types of students disciplinary sanctions (warning, serious warning, record of demerit, academic probation and expulsion from school) shall be imposed to any violation of rules and regulations of CQMU depending on the seriousness.

. Daily affairs for Graduate School Students Office

1. Offices will be closed on Jan. 14th and re-opened on Feb. 16th. During the winter vacation, there will be an on-duty teacher who can help you deal with any emergency problem from Monday to Friday (9:00-11:00 am. and 15:00-17:00 pm.). But this teacher will not deal with any daily affairs.

2. Logistic affairs: Anyone who suffers from the room problem please register it on line. If you have some problems in doing it, please contact with Zhou lao shi (13708315355/18983099410).

3. Registration: Students are required to come to Graduate School to do registration before 18:00, 16th, February. Anyone who fail to get registered within the specified time without acceptable reasons or be away from the university without permission for two weeks will be expelled from this university.

4.Residence Permit Extension: According to the new national regulations on exit-entry formalities, you must apply for the residence permit extension 30 days before your Residence Permit got expired. You must take your students ID card with the registration stamp on it to Foreign Affairs Office(Mr. houkais office) for the official letters. Those who owing fee to university can not get the registration stamp. If you failed to extend your Residence Permit on time, you may have to pay 500 RMB per day as the penalty money and take all responsibility by yourself.

. Safety

 Take care of yourselves and properties. Pay attention to fire, no matter living in school or outside. No use of high-power electrical appliances in the dormitory. When you leave your room, remember to lock the window and door.

 Before leaving your dorm or flat, you have to turn off the electricity, water and lock door properly. You should call the police in time if some suspicious persons are found. Pay more attention on your personal safety.

 Be careful in transportation and travel. You should have the self-conscious to obey transportation regulations, take necessary goods and medicine, and be cautious with strangers.

 Every student should obey the traffic safety law of China. Remember to drive with documents (driver license & license plate) and confirm no overloading, no speeding, no overcrowding, and non-drink driving.

 Don’t participate in activities held in large business circle, such as Jiefangbei, Guanyinqiao, and Shapingba, to avoid security incidents and accidental injury. No fights for any reason. Otherwise, you will be punished accordingly.

 The on-duty teacher and security guards will go on patrol in the dormitory everyday. If there is something urgent, please call the security Office of the university: 68485695 (old campus), or ask the on-duty teacher for help.

 Safety report: Everyone staying in Chongqing (no matter living on campus or off campus) should report their latest situation to the students in charge(monitor) once a week, and the monitor should report the record back to Graduate School.

Emergency contact students:

2014 batch—RICHA GOSWAMI             15223049014

2015 batch—RAMI M. Z. DARWAZEH       18523322372

2016 batchIRAKOZE LAURENT          15215130104

And you also can call 68485268, 68485695or 110

Happy New Year !!


Graduate School